Anita is a title industry leader. Since 1984 her experience has spanned everything from closing a loan to being involved in the legislative aspects of the business. Her interpersonal skills make her a valuable asset to any organization. She is currently a licensed Title Agent in every state that we insure.  
Patti has been working in the real estate title industry since 1993. Her experience in human resources and banking has made her indispensable at All Real Estate Solutions, LLC. Currenty she is the Title Service Coordinator and Accounts Payable. She orders payoffs, clears title and coordinates the work load.  
Patti Marino
Human Resources - Accounting
Direct:  440.484.2298
Anita Campanella-Zaller
Managing Partner
Direct:  440.484.2299
Ann Hughes
Title Services
Direct:  440.484.2293
Ann began her career as a real estate professional at the age of sixteen. She began by examining real estate title for her brother's title company. Twenty-three years later, Ann is still searching property records and is also a Residential Certified FHA appraiser
Joe Hughes
Escrow and Settlement Services
Direct:  440.484.2288
Joe has worked in the real estate industry for over 12 years. He started out clearing title and obtaining payoffs then began preparing HUD-1's and scheduling loan closings. He has experience working on out of state loans, purchase transactions, construction, commercial, refinance and reverse mortgage loans.
Theresa Simon
Title Services
Direct:  440.484.2297
Theresa has over 10 years of real estate title experience. She has taken title orders, examined title, typed commitments, cleared title, prepared HUD's and worked closely with our underwiters to solve title issues. Her primary focus today is producing title commitments and other insurance products to assist our clients in closing their loans.
Nathan Fijal
Title and Policy Services
Direct:  440.484.2289
Nathan began in the real estate industry as a mortgage loan processor. His interaction with the title company made him decide to move to the title industry. He was responsible for handling large volumes of residential and commercial transactions, and coordinated closings for international buyers and sellers. He then spent several years with a national title insurance company, expanding his vast title experience