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District of Columbia

Execution Requirements for Non-Title Spouse or Legal Partner
  • Homestead-NO
  • Dower/Curtesy-NO
  • Community Property-NO
Encumbrance Form(s)
Deed of Trust

Business Filing Search

Link to State website to search business filings:  http://brc.dc.gov/index.asp
Closing Performed By
Notary Public; no witnesses required
Mortgage/Deed Filing Fees
$6.50 fee plus first page:  $26.50.  Additional pages:  $7.00 each.
Document Recording Standards
1" margin on all sides, with a 3 1/2" x 5" right corner blank on the first page of each instrument.   Must use the FP-7/C form with every filing.
Mortgage Tax
1.45% of indebtedness; exemption available for select owner occupied properties and in select situations.
Transfer Tax
1.45% of consideration when consideration is $400,000.00 or more or 1.1% when consideration is less than $400,000.00

Real Estate Property Taxes

Semi-Annual.  Due dates March and September.
Bankruptcy Counties
District of Columbia

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