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When an order comes in our title team will promptly begin working on the request.  Our goal is to provide you accurate and comprehensive information in a timely manner.  We can assist you with all your title needs, including:


  • Ownership and Encumbrance Reports
  • Mechanic Lien Updates
  • Recording Services (e-Recording available in select locations)
  • Title Curative, Lien Clearance and Obtaining Payoffs
  • Commitments
  • Insured Closing Letters
  • Loan and Owners Policies


Theresa Simon
Founding Member-Title Services
Direct:  440.484.2297
Email:  theresa.simon@allresolutions.com
Theresa has over 10 years of real estate title experience. She has taken title orders, examined title, typed commitments, cleared title, prepared HUD's and worked closely with our underwiters to solve title issues. Her primary focus today is producing title commitments and other insurance products to assist our clients in closing their loans. In her free time Theresa likes to whip up gourmet meals for her family. You will find her doting over her new husband Neil and her beloved bassett hound Boscoe. 



Ann Hughes
Founding Member-Title Services
Direct:  440.484.2293
Email:  ann.hughes@allresolutions.com
Ann began her career as a real estate professional at the age of sixteen. She began by examining real estate title for her brother's title company. Twenty-three years later, Ann is still searching property records and is also a Residential Certified FHA appraiser. Ann enjoys spending time with her family. She can be found participating in school functions, coaching her daughter's softball team or hitting the gym.



Nathan Fijal
Founding Member-Title and Policy Services
Direct:  440.484.2289
Email:  nathan.fijal@allresolutions.com
Nathan began in the real estate industry as a mortgage loan processor. His interaction with the title company made him decide to move to the title industry. He was responsible for handling large volumes of residential and commercial transactions, and coordinated closings for international buyers and sellers. He then spent several years with a national title insurance company, expanding his vast title experience. He relocated to Ohio in 1993 and currently resides with his family in Massillon. He also enjoys traveling and quality time at home with family and friends.