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All Real Estate Solutions runs smoothly not just because of the people you talk to and deal directly with, but also because of the people behind the scenes.  Our administrative staff is second to none!



Anita Campanella-Zaller
Founding Member-Managing Member
Direct:  440.484.2299
Anita is a title industry leader. Since 1984 her experience has spanned everything from closing a loan to being involved in the legislative aspects of the business. Her interpersonal skills make her a valuable asset to any organization. She is currently a licensed Title Agent in every state that we insure. A grandmother of 13 and a mother of 4. Her family is her pride and joy. She treats family, friends, employees and clients with warmth and respect. Anita is a goal oriented individual with a big heart.



Patti Marino
Founding Member-Human Resources and Accounting
Direct:  440.484.2298
Patti has been working in the real estate title industry since 1993. Her experience in human resources and banking has made her indispensable at All Real Estate Solutions, LLC. Currenty she is the Title Service Coordinator and Accounts Payable. She orders payoffs, clears title and coordinates the work load. In her free time you can find Patti enjoying her grandchildren (while she is young) and spending time with the other new additions to her growing family. When out you will likely find her at the local cinema.